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Why Change in a Woman Begins with a Man’s Change in his Attitude



Your Attitude and Perception is Everything 


I have always loved personal and professional development!

Ever since my days of Network Marketing I’ve always been intrigued by the knowledge that is out here when it comes to self-help. I think that is one of the reasons why I loved the industry so much because of the focus on personally developing yourself through reading and self-help. I believe my years in Network Marketing, aside from my upbringing, is the reason for my being who I am today. I also believe that most people do not spend enough time working on personal development and going through the process of growing and healing themselves, spiritually and emotionally, to enable them to deal with life and people, in all aspects of living.

How you successfully interact and co-exist with other people is paramount to your success in life, especially relationships that are intimate.

You can tell a lot about people in how the speak. This is very evident when you speak with people and you can just sit back and listen to how they speak about their life, themselves, and other people.

It doesn’t mean that you are positive 100% of the time and that you never have any moments, but if the prevailing overtone of an individuals conversation is seeded in negativity, lack, and divisiveness it’s fair to say that there needs to be some attention to growth and healing.

I completely understand, as I’m sure you do as we’ve all been down dark and disappointing times in our life.

As of late, I’ve been posting a lot on Facebook and Instagram about topics that have been close to my heart, primarily spirituality, relationships, and men’s issues. Not just intimate or romantic relationships, but relationships in general. But in this post I want to address a few things that men need to be aware of when it comes to their perception of women, especially after a break-up…

As men you need to be more cognizant of your views and perceptions of women, especially the things you say. We all have been through tough relationships, or marriages, where things didn’t work out. It happens, but what does not help your cause in an effort to create connection with another person is for you to berate or demean women out of hurt. This also doesn’t serve you when you meet the next woman, because of course when you meet her you don’t want to take those negative perceptions, thoughts, and assumptions into a situation with her either.

So first,

1) Take 100% responsibility for your role in your demise of a relationship

When I say take 100% responsibility, I mean own it all! 100%. We cannot control what another person does but we have to be better at controlling out own actions and be disciplined in this regard.

2) Relieve yourself of the negative thoughts and assumptions you’ve developed about women.

Not all women are “crazy” in the head. Women are designed a certain way, and they are unique. They are unique in how they think, they are unique in how the process information, and they are different in how they view the world around them. Their thought process is not one that typically aims in a straight line, so in understanding their make-up you should also understand that it may be necessary for you to operate with them from this perspective.

Taking an “umbrella” approach and saying, “these women are….” etc., really says a lot about you. Take time to understand what you’ve done to bring about certain responses in relationships you’ve had, and affirm to yourself that you are going to dismiss negative thoughts and assumptions about women, and also affirm that you will avoid generalizing women as well. Approach women just as you would approach yourself, imperfect and prone to making mistakes and know that we all are working for the same thing, love.

3) Be at peace when things go wrong.

Being at peace with the end result means that although things did not go the way you would have liked, you are taking time to soul search and digest the series of events that led to where you are now. Being at peace means that you’ve excepted the end result, you understand what went wrong, and you are committed to doing the necessary work on yourself that helps bring you back to center. So in other words, coming back to center allows you to go back out into the world and create new relationships without the baggage from previous relationships.

You can end a relationship badly, but if you never put any energy into how you begin the next one, you will find yourself in the same place all over again.

Learn, grow, and do better.

Stay in Love, and Peace.


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