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Upcoming Internet Marketing Events!

Those who are already involved with the Empower Network are well aware of the many advantages. The Empower Network is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to increase their ability to brand themselves and their online companies, monetize themselves and their blogs and generate tons of leads. Through the affiliate powers of this network, an entrepreneur in virtually any online industry will find that their profits increase, their online lists grow exponentially and the recognition and notoriety that they are looking for is found.

In this video, I give a short preview of several upcoming events of importance related to the Empower Network, and discusses how entrepreneurs can become involved and start making money online with their own internet marketing companies.

Later this month, specifically from July 19-21, the Empower Network is holding a conference entitled, “Don’t Be a Wussy!” This event will take place in Denver, Colorado, and it is expected to draw attendees from countries all over the world. If you are already part of an internet marketing team, then attending this event is an important part of team building and networking. If you are yet to join an internet marketing team, you will find tons of opportunities at the upcoming event. The price of the event is going to rise $1 each day between now and the day it begins, so the sooner you register, the more you will save! Every internet marketing specialist realizes that every dollar counts!

A second important internet marketing event is taking place this fall in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This particular event, the Mastermind Event, is a private event that is reserved for members of the team started by six-figure internet marketing earners Tracy Walker and Nicole Cooper, two of the highest earning internet marketing specialists in the Empower Network. During this private event, which is limited to the first 70 registrants, attendees will learn about how to market to the affluent, how to increase online popularity and how to boost profits and recognition of your online company. If you are not apart of our team, it costs a mere $25 to join through www.deancantave.com or www.whyyoushouldblog.com, and then you would be able to register for this members-only special training event that will include plenty of fun and socializing, while learning the ropes of internet marketing in one of the most beautiful settings in the world!

Finally, those subscribers who have joined the email list through www.deancantave.com or www.whyyoushouldblog.com will have a unique opportunity later this month to participate in an instructional webinar that is focused on the “ins and outs” of internet marketing, why blogging is so important, and how participating in an internet marketing or network marketing team can be incredibly powerful and profitable.

Don’t delay, sign up today to become part of the Empower Network and join me and my team at these exciting upcoming events that will help you make the most of your internet marketing efforts! The power of the internet is only growing, and I along with the rest of the Empower Network are prepared to show you how to get your share of the profits and grow your business quickly.

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