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Why Travel can be a good thing for Entrepreneurs

Can Business Travel help your Business?



Business Travel










Over the next 3 weeks I will be doing a lot of traveling, mainly for business purposes, but there will also be some intent to enjoy my travels and vacay just a tad! The first trip, scheduled for L.A. for 4 days is a combination of business and pleasure but the intention here was mainly for business. Outside of Internet Marketing I am experimenting with several other investments and business ventures to include music and entertainment as well as film. I am an investor on 2 main projects involving both music and film and it was my way to test the waters so to speak to see if the opportunity was as ripe as it appeared on the outside looking in.


The second trip is with my Empower Network team, including Nicole Cooper and Tracey Walker, both of whom are top income earners within that affiliate and very successful Internet Marketing entrepreneurs in their own right. This trip will be for 5 days in Montego Bay, Jamaica so I plan to be doing a LOT of moving around over the next 2 weeks. The interesting thing about all of this is that I have the ability because of my full-time job to be able to still perform the duties of my job while using that flexibility to work on my business as well as my other ventures. It just works out and it works out great to be honest!


But what is more interesting is that business trips such as these when you are an entrepreneur do more for you then just allow you to go and vacay in some other city for a few days.


Trips that are of a business nature allow you the opportunity to get around other like-minded entrepreneurs where you create the opportunity to incubate growth for you and your business. Within the Internet Marketing and home-based business niche there are so many different seminars, conventions, and conferences that focus on helping entrepreneurs expand their business online! You’ve got the Affiliate Summit, No Excuses, Email World Conference, and even the quarterly conferences that the Empower Network holds that focus on the Empower Network opportunity as well as strategies for Blogging and generating leads online.


The opportunity to network is HUGE! I attended the Black Entrepreneurs conference in April of 2011 and I can’t begin to tell you how impactful the conference was. It was held in Atlanta, Georgia for 3 days and we were graced with business expertise by Marvette Brito who is a PR professional to the stars, M.C. Hammer who at the time was very heavily into tech out in Silicon Valley, as well as the founder of Carol’s Daughter Lisa Price. The value in listening to first hand accounts of trial, tribulation, failure, and successes from some of the most successful individuals in business is quite priceless, I mean, it’s impossible for you to really put a price on having access to that kind of knowledge.


The same here with the scheduled trips that I have coming up, the mastermind event itself cost over $2,000 to attend but you have to understand, we will be training with individuals who make well over $30,000 a month in business online. So you have to ask yourself, what is that kind of exposure worth to you? What is it worth to you and your growth? What is it worth to your business? More importantly, what is worth to the legacy of you and your family?


Business trips allow you to get OUT of your comfort zone and get around people that will stretch you and enlighten you to be the best and push yourself to succeed at a higher level. I would encourage, no, I would IMPLORE you to get out and find the next convention, conference, or trade show for your industry, book a hotel, book a flight and get out of that seat and from in front of that computer and stretch yourself and your mind!

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