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The Hard Knocks of Life and Why You Must Persist



I am more than certain there is someone reading this that wishes they had all of the answers, wishing that they could pray away the storm, wishing that they could just work themselves senseless to success and happiness. I wish this was true for all of us because there comes a time in our lives that no matter how hard we work it just doesn’t come together the way we like.

We couldn’t hold the relationship together.

We couldn’t keep the business afloat.

We couldn’t establish a good relationship with Dad.

We just could not make so many things in our life work, and we’ve failed in so many areas of our lives.

We can massage the idea of creating that which we want all day, but it is the process, the work, the sacrifices, and all of the unknown variables that eventually lead to our destiny.

The road walked that is synonymous with walking with a blind fold on–we just don’t know the outcome no matter how well we roll the dice.

The paradox to this scenario is that we lose so much of ourselves along our journey, we experience so much pain and frustration, and disappointment that it’s almost like, “success can’t possibly look like this.” Our efforts to live the “perfect” life drain us as we find ourselves continuously putting our fires, while new ones start.

In these moments we question the reason for our existence because mentally it can get just that bad.

However, I implore you…. stay the course.

Have faith.

Give it just one more day, one more hour, one more minute. There is still hope as long as you’re breathing and capable. Your existence is important to all around you and if they haven’t affirmed this for you, I am at this very moment. Your story and your process has value because we can never ¬†hear enough stories of struggle that aid in keeping us all motivated and conscious of our own journey in life. Your life, just like mine, is not clear and cut in stone. A fairytale was not promised to any of us, and we cannot control or predict every single outcome of our lives. We can live with very good intentions and still make mistakes. We’ve all done it.

What I would hate for you to do is fall short of your own glory and triumph because you’ve become paralyzed by failure. We place so much on ourselves when we make mistakes, or when our lives don’t go the way they should. God does not look at you in that way, so never put so much stock in mans implication of you. Most people will criticize you before they reach a hand out to help you. Just understand that is the default nature of most people, but when you are of a higher mindset and you understand that your job is to move from failure to failure along your journey to your ultimate life, you won’t excuse yourself from your faults but what you will do is become more conscious and aware of the direction that you need to go in life.

With so many people in pain and uninspired we can never run out of success stories, which is why we need you to press on and cross the finish line. It means so much more than you realize!

Press on. We’re all counting on you.

You are valuable beyond measure.


Stay in Love, and Peace


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