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Being The “Man” Isn’t Always Necessary

You Don’t Always Have To Be “The Man” in Every Setting and Here’s Why You don’t hear a lot of messages in the media promoting and celebrating the essence of men. Because of that I decided earlier this year that I would intentionally become more of what God created me to be, and that I […]

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15 Companies with The Highest Paying Salaries in America

  Historically, law, medicine, and technology have been the highest salaried professions for decades. If you want to earn six-figures than these are the professions to be in. If high paying salaries are of interest to you then I implore you to pay attention to the industries mentioned in this post that are garnering some […]

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IT Project Management as a Career and What I’ve Learned

My professional background has been mired in technology since I was 19 years old. The conventional thinking back then was that technology was taking off, and with the advent of the Internet, it’s a field where you just can’t go wrong! It’s been well know since those days that technology was something that would always […]

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