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Tag Archives: Entrepreneurship

21 Black-Owned Businesses To Follow In 2021

Every year as Black History Month rolls around, we stop and acknowledge the countless Black men and women who have embraced entrepreneurialism and created valuable and thriving businesses.  But while Black History Month only comes once a year, it’s important to support Black-owned businesses throughout the year.  If you’re looking for Black-owned businesses to start […]

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But What Is Affiliate Marketing?

If you’ve spent any amount of time with me, then you’ve heard me talk about affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing is one of the cornerstones of the Empower Network and internet marketing in general.  I’ve given you an idea of what affiliate marketing is but there’s a possibility you might have more questions. There’s a lot […]

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Ready to Be the Boss of YOU?

If you are getting tired of having to work for someone else and fight your way through each day making money for another company, one you do not own yourself, then it might be time for you to think about a change. Maybe you are already in the midst of a change, whether you have […]

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