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The Challenges of Navigating Career Success for Black Women

54% percent of Black women report being the only Black individual in the room at work. Likewise, they are the sole individuals who feel excluded, closely watched, and under pressure to perform. Most notably, many of these women feel like their performance reflects on the entire population of Black women. These barriers, among hundreds of others, […]

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The First 90 Days As A Technology Leader In A New Role

Every individual that you know, yourself included, that has worked for a large company, companies with more than 500 employees and millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, knows that training to position yourself for success when starting a new job isn’t something that has always been stressed. In fact, until now […]

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My Experience as a Project Manager in Information Technology

  If you are reading this and you’re unfamiliar with what a project manager does here is a very simple definition: A project manager is a certified professional in the field of project┬ámanagement. Project managers are charged with┬áthe responsibility of planning, executing and closing different projects that they are assigned within any organization, typically relating […]

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