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The Fight Is Always Greater In You

If The Will To Overcome Is Dormant Inside Of You Its Time For You To Wake It Up We often here words from motivational speakers, thought leaders, and champions in every field like: persistence, commitment, perseverance, dedication, determination, and steadfastness. You may often times here quotes such as “stay the course”, “stop at nothing”, or […]

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Why the Idea of Failure is an Illusion that Appears Real

  Failure… Setbacks… Disappointments… How easy is it for us to just stay where we are, nice and comfy, without worry? No concern of growth or progress. Just straddle halfway up the ladder and stay there. Isn’t life so much better when we aren’t progressing and growing? Think about it. If you are reading this, […]

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What about your friends? #CantaveTalk

What about your friends? Consider that you have a “crew” of people that you’ve been friends with for a very long time. You are very loyal to your friends and your friendships are extremely important to you. In fact, your friendships often times compete with your other relationships, your marriage if you’re married, or your […]

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