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I am a content creator, author, blogger, and technology executive that has taken my life and all of my experiences and turned that knowledge into the blog that you see today.

If you are like most of my readers you have a desire to do something more with your life, something outside of the box and outside of the ordinary. We live life every day but most of us don’t actually LIVE our lives. We’re stuck in a routine that really doesn’t speak to our core.


This blog is an expression of that which speaks to a higher sense of self and the purpose for your subscribing to my blog is to create and share content that inspires you to be more, do more, and have more. This blog is also purposed to serve you. I take my lifetime of knowledge and expertise in all of its uniqueness and openly share with you my thoughts on a variety of subjects, from a man’s perspective. Succeeding at life means different things for different people, however I believe we all want the same things—love, prosperity, peace, happiness, joy, financial security, and a sense of purpose as we use our gifts to positively impact those around us while reaping the life enriching rewards that come from using our gifts.

I also share perspectives on life, love, and business from a male perspective. I hope my blog gives life to issues that concern men that are very rarely spoken about in the area of family, manhood, fatherhood, work, entrepreneurship, and most importantly love.

I share my travels throughout the Chicagoland area as I frequent the many amazing events that I am typically invited to. Chicago is a wonderful place full of opportunity to network, connect, and grow your career, your life, and your business and I seek to tap into this amazing city and highlight the best it has to offer!

As a former IT executive, a U.S. Navy veteran, and a fanatical father to an amazing son I know all too well what it feels like to have traveled the long and hard road to success. The truth is that success is never a destination; it’s merely the inevitable journey of our lives as we evolve from one level to another.

Dean Cantave


My blog is a collection of content relevant to men’s issues, publishing and authorship, internet marketing, information technology, Chicago events, relationships, and leadership from a man’s perspective.

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As an entrepreneur and a content creator,  your primary goal should be to build an audience of people that share the same goals and values as you do.

One of my main priorities is to build an email list of people with the purpose of serving their needs and solving their problems.

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