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A Visit to Simmzy’s Gastropub Manhattan Beach, CA

What a great way to remember this place!

Hilarious, and catchy and I like it.

And might I add that even the slightest inebriation will make everything around you beautiful, especially the opposite sex. Or perhaps the same sex! But that’s another conversation.

Glancing at the menu and this was the first thing that caught my eye, “Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder”.

I read this while I was sitting at the bar at Simmzy’s. A very small but buzzing gastropub at 229 Manhattan Beach Blvd in Manhattan Beach, California.

Simmzys Gastropub

Shot of the coast at Manhattan Beach Boulevard in front of Simmzy’s

Gastropubs serve high-quality food unlike your average pub that serves a few good appetizers and a host of different beers and top-shelf liquor.

When it comes to the litmus test of good food, I can attest. The food was definitely top notch!


I was on a 5-day business trip in California to meet with my publisher Rob Kosberg who lives north of there in Pasadena, California. He is publishing my first book, due out in the spring, and he loves to find some of the most amazing venues to hold client events.

Client-only events are special trainings that he holds for clients, like me. I absolutely love California in February, so this was perfect for me (on top of the fact that as I was leaving Chicago a major snow storm was coming through).

Perfect timing.

But anyhow, while I was in California I made it my business to explore the neighborhood and the nearby beach. My motel (take note, I didn’t have the luxury of booking the Marriott so I’ll keep my lodging accommodations nameless) was right off of Sepulveda and 2nd.

I walked to Manhattan Beach Boulevard and the first place I noticed on my way to the beach was Simmzy’s.

I walked up with a protein drink in my hand and when I got to the door there was a lady waiting in line.

She says with a smile, “I’m waiting but you can go in and go to the bar. Go ahead!” Very nicely with a smile.

The host comes out and with the most friendliest and cordial demeanor he exuberantly told me to walk in. You would think they would tell you to finish your drink first before you came in, but not here….

He says, “you can sit at the bar!” I say, “Thank you” and he says “No problem!”


Inside shot from the bar where I was sitting.

It was a really warm and welcoming feeling, but I guess that would make sense coming from the Midwest where it’s cold and dark most days. I can’t blame Californians for being happy most days. It’s 80 degrees today and sunny here by Manhattan Beach and the weather always seems to warm and sunny year round.

Especially during the times I’m visiting.

“Eat in this restaurant and you’ll never eat anywhere else” – Bob Phillips

I’m not sure who Bob Phillips is but I saw this on the menu too.

So I ordered and I decided to go with the Thai Turkey Burger. The waitress asked me if I wanted fries and apparently I have an option to do half-and-half of regular fries and sweet potato fries.


An excellent mix of regular fries and sweet potato fries with what appears to be sea salt. I absolutely love sea salt on my food.


They brought my fries out before they brought my burger. I thought that was interesting. The dipping sauces that came with the fries were excellently appointed! Very good and my dine-in experience was one to remember!

If you’re ever in the Manhattan Beach area of California stop by Simmzys. Highly recommended!

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