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What Are You Proclaiming for Yourself Today?


WHAT are you proclaiming over YOUR life?

During the times when you were really living in happiness, joy, and accomplishment there was a certain kind of energy that you had in that exact moment. The times when you were truly happy with what you were doing, who you were spending time with, and the activities that you were engaged in. These times may have also been with people that were at your level of consciousness which was ok at that particular moment, but things have probably changed as you’ve grown, experienced, and matured.

YOU, have grown.

You’ve probably matured and changed a great deal if I had to assume. Everyone around you can see it and it’s affecting all of your relationships, but think about those happy times again. Think about how you felt when you were healthy, having fun, living and doing the things you wanted with the people you wanted to do them with.

Do you remember what you were thinking to yourself?

The things that you were proclaiming?

For some of you, you probably can’t remember, but there are times in our lives when things are going so well and we are just cruising on auto-pilot. Than there are times when we completely hit rock bottom. During those times you probably weren’t engrossed in self-development and so overly concerned with motivational and spiritual principles, but now you find yourself in a place where you are asking very hard questions about your life and where you want it to go.

You want to be happy, and most of all–you desire to be FREE!

Do you realize that the one thing that everyone wants is freedom?

Yes, freedom.

We all want to feel free, happy, accomplished, successful, and just free to live on our own terms, doing the things we enjoy most, with the people we enjoy most.

That’s what I call living!

We all have a path and the sooner you get on it the better you will be, but in order to get there we need to know ourselves–truly know ourselves. This requires work and is quite a challenge for most people. We are as unique and individual as the lines that make up our fingerprints–you have your own life and your life experience is nothing like mine. We are two completely different people, with different ambitions, different desires, and different perceptions of our lives devised through our own lens.

Today, I think a turning point in my life has come and I am faced with taking a journey down the road of greatness, or repeating the mistakes of the past. I also believe that today could potentially be that day for you, just the same.

So let’s share in this together, shall we?

Depending on where you are right now, do you feel as if it’s time for you to go to another level in your life, or are you content? Are you living in a space where you know there is more out there for you but you’ve been hesitant to take the leap to a higher level of consciousness, fulfillment, and purpose? If you are feeling uneasy about where you are, or even pondering any of these questions it may be time for you to make a change.

You first need to recognize that you have to develop a new sense of self-awareness of yourself, and who you are. Again, knowing yourself.

Are you proclaiming your power to choose?

Are you proclaiming your power to be free?

Are you proclaiming your power to create?

Are you proclaiming your power to give and receive love at the highest levels?

Are you proclaiming your power to live in purpose?

All these questions lead to the kind of success that you are desire.

But in order to proclaim these truths for yourself, you need to rid yourself of fear and old patterns of thought that have kept you where you are right now. You have to see yourself so much bigger, and better than what you are now. You must envision your highest expression of self, and in turn you will begin to develop the confidence to accomplish that vision in the physical. You have to own with a dying conviction that life will no longer beat you into submission through circumstance and this typically comes when you’ve had enough. These thoughts create power over you and it is you that has the power to move from where you are, to where you want to be.

Choice is your ally, not your enemy. Choice will set you free, but before you can be set free you have to proclaim and own your choice within yourself.

You can proclaim today that you will no longer be oppressed and confined to the status quo.

You can proclaim today that you will no longer live in the past.

You can proclaim today that you are already living in your greatness and that everything you need to succeed is already available to you.

Just proclaim. Proclaim that which you want. Proclaim victory, proclaim success, proclaim happiness, and proclaim purpose!


Stay in Love, and Peace

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