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Patience and Persistence Will Get You Far

Helping local businesses build their website through using search engine optimization (SEO) can be an extremely powerful way to make money online. For those who are highly skilled in this area, there is an unbelievable amount of money to be made—some experts, like David Evans, Master SEO Trainer, will tell you that you can make up to $10,000 in one month.

Evans started by mapping out his target clientele, and made persistent attempts to build up that list. To accomplish this task, he pursued local businesses like real estate agents, lawyers, dentists, etc., by looking up their websites and contacting those who are not on the first page of the Google search engine results. He offered them the opportunity to transfer some of their marketing budget from Yellow Pages spending to online marketing. Evans selected his prospects by considering which types of businesses are already spending a large amount of money on advertising, yet they do not have success with their website.

Once he gathered a list of prospects, based on a variety of criteria (ranking, local search results, claim to Google Local listing, etc.), Evans then approached the business owners to pitch his plan. Not surprisingly, he quickly compiled a strong list of members. He offered a free one-hour customized consultation, based on his analysis of the website for the business. Evans considered this free consultation a worthwhile investment, because he assumed that most of the business owners would welcome free advice that could seriously help their online exposure and, ultimately, their business.

Evans discusses the importance of developing a goal system, and applying “The Law of 5” to those goals. The Law of 5 refers to the five things that you should be doing every single day, things that do not take a large amount of your time, but that, cumulatively, will lead to progress over time. Evans states that if you designate the time each day to do the five important tasks (which are unique to each individual and should be carefully considered), you will find that progress comes. Says Evans, “People overestimate what can be accomplished in one day, and underestimate what can be accomplished in several days.”

By approaching local businesses with a serious plan to address their search engine optimization (SEO) plan, Evans believes that the persistent entrepreneur can find up to 5 new clients per week. This can lead to an unbelievable amount of business, and will build up very quickly.

Evans reminds viewers in his video that, “People will never buy your product without buying you,” which makes it clear that the connection to the prospect, and the relationship building that must happen before they become a client, is a critical and unavoidable part of the process. Consider this when developing your own pitch to present to local businesses who are in need of SEO services. Be the kind of company that you would want to work with, and you will increase the number of prospects who are quickly convinced of your skills and your ability to improve their online business exposure. Continue to push every day, and your internet marketing or your SEO business will prosper!

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