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Password Manager Apps like 1Password are Tech Gold and Something You Need

The Use Of A Password Manager App Provides A Very Much Needed System Of Organization For Keeping You Safe From Hacking

I can’t understand why I didn’t think of this idea myself, because to be quite honest password manager apps are pure genius!

In a world of digital con

I want to recommend that you download 1password. This is a password manager app that I’ve been using for the past month or so, and I’ve also written a blog post about this amazing and ingenious technology. Before I got my Android I would typically keep all of my ID’s and passwords in notepad, or notes on the iPhone. I normally would make my passwords the same as to not forget them, but this has always been a very bad practice because if someone ever gains access to any of your devices and your passwords are the same, they would be able to access any of your other accounts. Think your banking account, paypal, ebay, Amazon, etc.


Hackers have a way of gaining access to one key piece of information and stringing that together to do more damage.


One of the reasons the notes app was convenient for iPhone is because of the ability to auto-sync between all devices. Of course you know I rely heavily on my 2 computers as well as my phone for everything I do. So when I update a note on the note app it automatically syncs with my laptop. While this is convenient this is also insecure. If someone happens to guess the numeric code to my phone they could easily access the note app and have a field day. There are many apps on the iPhone once you’re logged into it that allow “Touch ID”, which I have enabled on every app where it can be enabled. The note app for iPhone does not have any security around it so you have to rely on your pin number of touch ID to keep your data safe.


The other thing with passwords is that it’s almost impossible to use every allowable character for a password, make it complicated, and remember it every time you need to login somewhere. This is one of the reasons why hackers are able to easily hack into websites and accounts.


So here’s the dilemma:


1)      You probably have over 30 different places where you need unique usernames and passwords. I have well over 40 accounts from banking, to my website, to the 5 email accounts I have.

2)      You can’t remember all of those passwords and usernames

3)      You probably have them down somewhere where they can be compromised

4)      It’s almost impossible and cumbersome to generate the proper password length and mixture of characters needed to make your accounts secure.


This is where 1Password comes in and I’m telling you all of this because I sat in a workshop with my Chief Security Officer and identify theft and online intrusion is becoming a huge problem. If you recall before my mom died someone compromised her accounts and siphoned a ton of money from her accounts. Having to maintain all of those accounts by memory was a challenge for her and she couldn’t keep up.


But with 1Password not only can you store all of your usernames and passwords in one place, but the app will also store information for over 20 different items that may be hard for you to remember such as Credit Card numbers, Passport numbers, etc. It will also auto generate the passwords for you with the maximum allowable characters and allow  you to rotate those passwords as you see fit with complexity. The app also has the ability to auto login to websites that allow it with a plug-in on Google Chrome. Which means you don’t have to type in your username and password. You can just click one time and login wherever you need to.


Now, the passwords and all of your information is stored behind an encrypted app on the device. Just like the note app, it also syncs to all of your devices. So on my iPhone wherever touch ID is not enable and I need to login somewhere, all I do is just back out of the app that I am trying to login to, open 1Password, go to the account I need, copy the Password, back out of 1Password and go back to the app I’m trying to login to, paste, and I’m in!


The setup process takes you through a multitude of security measures to ensure your app is secure.


The other thing I will mention to you is that I use 2-factor authentication just about everywhere. I don’t sit at coffee shops often but if you ever do sit at a coffee shop having a complex password is important, but more importantly using a VPN client is a must. People can sit outside or inside coffee shops and with certain kinds of “packet sniffing” software, they can capture any data that you pass to the wireless network.


So I know this is long but I had to share it with you! I’m due for the iPhone X in December and I’m all about security especially since Dean is at the house using my devices and on the internet.

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