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Was Obama Unfairly Criticized for Spontaneous “Selfie?”

Obama_selfieIn a digitally connected world where anything and everything posted to the internet can travel the world within a matter of seconds it is not hard to understand why President Obama, Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and British prime minister David Cameron would not hesitate to participate in the “selfie” revolution that has been taking hold of Social Media. In my opinion, it’s an adoption of the trends that tend to become mainstream on Social Media by people regardless of their position is in the world. I think the media and some of the responses were over the top when criticism started to circulate that it was inappropriate for the President to take this picture during Nelson Mandela’s funeral. Even our world leaders understand the impact and importance of social media and though we mourn the loss of one of the greatest civil rights leaders of our generation we also celebrate his loss at the same time.

Those who support the three world leaders’ joint “selfie” claim that Mandela himself would have enjoyed the behavior, as he would be expected to want his memorial service to be a joyous celebration of his well-lived life, rather than a solemn, somber, or sad event. Some claim that the First Lady appears angry or irritated, though perhaps a moment of reflection for each of the critics is called for at this point—the camera often captures an expression that is not representative of the actual moment, a fleeting strange expression on anyone’s face is common. Witnesses report that she was seen laughing and enjoying herself and her company only moments before the legendary photo was snapped. Whether or not this is true may be irrelevant. Although world leaders need to recognize their place of importance and realize that the cameras will always be pointed at them and capturing their every move, it seems as if it should be forgivable that they act like humans, ones who are connected with society or with each other. With so much hate, war and disaster in the world every day, a lighthearted, perhaps we should consider welcoming one brief human moment that expresses peace and togetherness.

Read more here and let me know what you think!  http://www.politico.com/story/2013/12/danish-pm-defends-obama-selfie-101061.html

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