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MyBlackTresses a SanFrancisco start-up: The perfect meeting place for ethnic women and hair!


MyBlackTresses: Ethnic Hair + The Internet = Success!




If you follow anything related to technology and start-ups than you know SanFrancisco

is a hot bed for start-ups and idea generation, just as Silicon Valley has become the tech bed

for decades for companies like Google, Ebay, and Yahoo. Consider the recent Bravo reality show

Start-ups: Silicon Valley which showcases young entrepreneurs, their ideas, and the

journey they take in the actual reality of pursing their dreams. If you have a great idea

I would highly suggest a move to the West Coast where the resources are ripe and

opportunity is everywhere! But enter a new concept, likened to Yelp, but for women who

are multi-cultural and in need of good connections for getting their hair done. MyBlackTresses

is a new start-up that is looking to address deficiencies in the hair industry but bringing together

those that provide hard to find hair-do services and those that are desperately in need of a hair do! 🙂


Moving to the West Coast is exactly what CEO and founder of MyBlackTresses Regine Nelson

did when she considered how she would successfully launch her business. The new start-up has

been live for about 3 months now and you can visit her at www.MyBlackTresses.com


MyBlackTresses – Interview with the CEO and Founder, Regine Nelson




In an interview with CEO Regine Nelson, here is what she had to say:



I’m a Black woman who is passionate about my hair. 🙂 But seriously, is there any other kind of Black woman? Black women spend a lot of money at salons because of their service, relationships and the fact that it’s a time to meet other women.

Yet, it’s not always easy to find a new salon or stylist that caters to black, ethnic, bi-racial women. I live in an area where ethnic hair stylists are not easy to find. Most of the ones that I have located work at non-Black salons or aren’t even Black.

This is where my new site www.MyBlackTresses.com comes in. It’s a great new site that’s just launched. I’ve provided the venue for women to find traditional black hair care salons and stylist as well as the non-traditional.

I’d love to share this information with your readers and subscribers. Basic listings are 100% free and they include name, phone number and address. There is a small monthly fee incurred for our premium listings, but it’s a win-win for all involved.


Here are some quick facts:


–  MyBlackTresses.com has over 4,000 salons and stylists that cater to black, African American, Latina, and multicultural women in the US and beyond.
–  Our site makes it easy to find, contact and review salons and stylists. It’s better than a Yelp search for “black hair salon.”
–  Our review function allows visitors to gain feedback from real women.
–  Our best feature is that we also highlight stylists from non-ethnic salons who provide ethnic haircare services. These folks are the hardest to find for the typical black woman. It also encourages non-black stylists and salons to service women of color.

–  In honor of our launch we are hosting giveaways (5 total) during the month of August to help drive salon and stylist reviews.

–  Our listings are up to date, unlike our competitors who do not follow-up with their listed salons and/or stylists.
–  Our listing categories include: natural hair, relaxed hair, twists, locs, kids, mobile (traveling stylists), Dominican and international
–  Basic listings are 100% free for salons and stylists.

We feel that we’ve done a great job pulling together this resource for your readers, black women and multi-racial women everywhere.


So essentially, search engine based technology for the hair industry with a twist of Yelp! And we all know how successful and useful Yelp can be!

If you ever watch “Bar Rescue” on Spike often times you will see Jon Taffer use Yelp to conduct reviews of bars and establishments his team has been brought in to rescue.


Same idea here, but different industry!


The concept is novel and Regine Nelson has hit the nail right on the head! The hair industry is a very lucrative industry but without the kind of organization

and ability to tap into the core of hairdressers that do great work but are really hard to find. Now, Regine and her team are in the process of creating

this Social Network for locks, twists and braids and bringing it to your digital front door. MyBlackTresses is the first company of it’s kind to address

an issue which has always been overlooked within the hair industry and when done the right way can help to connect and bring service providers

together with those that are in need of their services.


Ethnic and multi-cultural hair tends to be an a la carte deal because of the special needs of women of color due to the unique texture of their hair. This

is definitely not a one size fits all industry!


We anticipate the site to be fully operational within a few months although you can now visit the site and peruse the database in it’s current state.

I would encourage you to spread the word to the women you know and any hairdressers you know of the launch of this company. They have some

competition but this company is the very FIRST of it’s kind to launch such an idea. MyBlackTresses has been live for a little over 3 months and

already they have had over 9,000 unique visitors to the site.





Take a tour today and be empowered!





For more information visit www.myblacktresses.com




To your success,




Dean Cantave

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur


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