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My Entrepreneurial Status

My Entrepreneurial Status



So, I have been very busy in the fray of things within my business, developing my business,

the business plan, working on a Masters degree, death in the family, a move, etc. The past 6 months has

encompassed every challenge that you can think of.


That’s what life is about, right? Challenges! Nothing should come that easy or we would appreciate it!


But I’m thankful for where I am now because I don’t know about you but after every tragedy or challenge,

loss or misfortune, after the storm, there has ALWAYS been a rainbow! So I’m confident that this trend will



But less about that and on to what I’ve been doing lately.


This may or may not be lengthy but read through the entire post… It’s going to be interesting!


So, as some of you may know I have been in the network marketing and Internet Marketing space for a very

LONG time! I haven’t been that successful in the industry as I thought, but of course, when it comes to winning

YOU NEVER GIVE UP! And trust me, I have been doing this on and off since 2004.


Now when I first got started in 2004 I joined, at the time, Quixtar. The company is now known as Amway and

they recently just changed the name but it’s still the same company. I had some success in that company initially

when I first started and for a few years afterwards, but I went through a period where as hard as I tried to fulfill my

entrepreneurial status I never came full circle.


In that time, I was recalled back to active duty after leaving the military for a year, I’ve had a child, completed a

Bachelors degree and worked for several fortune 500 companies. As a matter of fact I’m still working a full-time job

now as an Infrastructure Project Manager for IBM. A really good position, but will never take me to millionaire status.


So what am I doing now?


Well, I began to pursue Real Estate last year and I’ve put that on hold for the time being. If you look on my blog there

is a credit tab of which is still in development. I have some more content to add there but what I’ve began doing is

using Corporations and LLC’s to raise capital. Now, it’s somewhat complex and I will probably write another post

specifically on that topic at a later date.


If you want to know more than contact me but the main reason I’ve done that is because I was interested in raising

money for my business venture. As time went along I realized that not only could I invest in my own personal business

ventures I could also help others do the same thing. I also realized that I could use the money to help fund other projects!

I truly see the potential of this going very far and I’m pretty excited about it!


So I’ve got that going… and I also jumped back into the Internet Marketing game of which is a true passion of mine.


I joined a company as an affiliate that has really been a huge success in the home based, Internet Marketing niche and

a lot of people are seeing success with this. I attended the National Conference this past weekend here in Chicago

and I’ve wrote a few blog posts about the event that you can read by clicking here. It was an amazing event to say the least

and if you haven’t spent much time at events like these where the focus is primarily mindset and personal development

I can only say, you don’t know what you’re missing!


To learn how average people are earning $5-$10k/month from home click here!


So, I am currently raising capital for investment via corporate credit which is a long term strategy and I’m also currently

marketingĀ an affiliate program that pays 100% commissions. I’m more than certain most of you have heard about the

company and if you haven’t, than you need to pay attention!


I’ve also been tapped to Executive Produce a documentary being shot right here in Chicago. Now, this is foreign territory for

me but I am opening my mind in 2013 to new opportunities! That’s how you live life anyway.


The second project is for a young lady who is looking to make it in the music industry and her and her partner have tapped

me for an investment to help get her off the ground. Now, I have to be very tight lipped about this scenario for a variety of

reasons. I have not yet signed the contract but my Lawyer is in the process of reviewing it so we will see where that goes.


So what’s my Entrepreneurial Status?


I would have to say it’s in FULL SWING! A lot in development and I’m pretty excited about it. I am almost at a decision where

I’m comfortable quitting my job but I’m not quite there yet. It’s still early. But, I can tell you that I am definitely back

in the game and looking to make connections!


If you are looking to generate capital for a venture than contact me! Also, be on the look out for my live online events that

will be scheduled soon.



To your success,




Dean Cantave

Internet Marketing Entrepreneur


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