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Johnnie Coleman Institute – Jack Canfield’s Mastermind for Success Week 1


This is the first blog post for a 12-week Mastermind for Success course I am taking at Christ Universal Temple, here in Chicago, IL every Wednesday until April.

Christ Universal Temple

11901 S. Ashland Ave.

Chicago, IL

I will do my best to summarize the notes for each class and log them here on my Blog!

The Johnnie Coleman Institute at Christ Universal Temple on the Southside of Chicago is hosting a 12-week mastermind for success course based off of Jack Canfield’s best selling book, “The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”. The course is being taught by Rev. Gaylon McDowell, associate pastor at CUT. His teachings are based in the idea of “New Thought”, which is a spiritual movement that promotes the idea that God is a divine and infinite source that is available to everyone, everywhere, and that God’s spirit is omnipresent, or in other words God is everywhere and everything. New Thought also states that our existence, in and of itself is divine, this also assumes that if God is a force for good and we are God like then the forces of good are always working in our favor.

This also applies to our thoughts which means that divine thought is a force for good as well. Following this, I can give the example of using our thoughts to guide and heal our lives by thinking the exact thoughts that we truly desire. You think what you want as an outcome for your life, and what you want only. If you are facing health challenges New Thought says that when you affirm positive and healing thoughts, this can and will lead to a healed condition in the physical.

Without getting to deep here, the New Thought spiritual movement has been around since the early 19th century and aligns with the ideas of Metaphysics, healing, and the Law of Attraction which has been widely publicized and written about by several notable authors and speakers including Rev. Michael Beckwith, Eckhart Tole, and Louise Hay just to name a few.

This class fuses Christian Metaphysical interpretations of the bible with the success teachings presented in Jack Canfield’s book as a compliment. This course is taught over a 12-week period and cover the following areas out of the 64 principles that are listed in the book:

Week 1 – Intro: Review of 5 JCI Principles & Man is a Three-fold Being

Week 2 – Chap 1. Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Life, Chap 2. Be Clear Why You’re Here

Week 3 – Chap 3. Decide What You Want, Chap 4. Believe It’s Possible

Week 4 – Chap 5. Believe in Yourself, Chap 6. Become an Inverse Paranoid

Week 5 – Chap 7. Unleash the Power of Goal-Setting, Chap 8. Chunk It Down

Week 6 – Chap 9. Success Leaves Clues, Chap 10. Release the Brakes

Week 7 – Chap 11. See What You Want, Get What You See, Chap 12. Act as If, Chap 46. Mastermind Your Way to Success

Week 8 – Chap 13. Take Action, Chap 14. Just Lean Into It, Create a Master Mind Group, Chap 15. Experience Your Fear and Take Action Anyway

Week 9 – Chap 16. Be Willing to Pay The Price, Chap 17. Ask! Ask! Ask!, Chap 18. Reject Rejection

Week 10 – Chap 19. Use Feedback to Your Advantage, Chap 20. Commit to Constant and Never-Ending Improvement, Chap 21. Keep Score for Success

Week 11 – Chap 22. Practice Persistence, Chap 23. Practice the Rule of Five

Week 12 – Chap 24. Exceed Expectations

Certificates of Completion

So what might be the purpose of taking a course like this?

Well, considering that most people are not exactly where they want to be in life, you should always make an effort to continue to improve yourself and work on your personal and professional development. This course started a week ago and it fit right in with my goals for 2015 for improving myself personally and professionally, as well as aligning myself more with my life goals of health, wealth, and purpose. The course is designed to help you get committed to spiritual, mental, and physical growth by aligning some core success principles while keeping God at the forefront of it all. The course will teach you to how to discipline yourself to achieve your goals and align your activities with your goals in working toward your ultimate life.

As Rev. Gaylon McDowell says, “The same doors that God opened for the next person that has what you want, he will certainly open those same doors for you.”

This is the year to do it!

Stay in Love, and Peace.

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