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India N. Parson, Founder, The B.E.S.T Network, talks God, Faith, and Business

As I sat down to draft this blog post to tell you more about The B.E.S.T Network founder and Principal Executive Image Consultant, India N. Parson, I needed a more accurate depiction from her on what she wanted the world to know about her network.

This was her response…

At the age of 31 India N. Parson is a published Author, an Entrepreneur, and a Minister. As an Entrepreneur she founded The B.E.S.T Network—which stands for Building Economic Stability Together—a business network and organization with the goal of inspiring 10,000 people to walk in their purpose.

Not a small feat for a young woman from Buckingham County Virginia, who has been a standalone entrepreneur full-time for 4 years now. She travels regularly giving freely of her time and resources to empower, connect, and help other entrepreneurial executives to live their BEST life.

Operating off of a very small budget with limited resources, she has managed to grow her brand with chapters of the The B.E.S.T Network primarily located in two states—Illinois and Virginia—for the time being until she can grow other chapters in other states.

A quick glance at her Facebook and Instagram pages and you can tell instantly that your public image is top of mind for her. It’s also top of mind when it comes to how she serves her clients image needs. She believes HOW and WHAT you present to the world is as important, if not more important, than what you do. 

Upon meeting her initially for the first time face to face, she was all beauty and glam, but she was also all business, and while the looks may catch many—men and women—off guard and quite surprisingly refreshing, when she opens her mouth and starts talking you really won’t have a choice but to level up and take her seriously.

I spent some time with India during her recent trip to Chicago this summer. In an Interview we shot for my YouTube channel I wanted to dig into the “why” and the “how” behind her entrepreneurial journey with The B.E.S.T Network.

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