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The Heartbroken Rainbow Set to Premiere Next Sunday!

HBRFinalPosterThe Heartbroken Rainbow is a feature length documentary film that will explore the interesting journeys of eight different women and explore the range of emotions they have experienced through heartbreak and growth. You will learn about their personal strategies that helped each of them with finding the rainbow that would carry them through the darkest storms. Relationships are often extremely complicated, and each of the women that you will meet in this captivating story will move you and connect with you in a way that few others can, leaving you reeling with your own emotions and feeling touched. Their unstoppable power and faith has sustained them and made them stronger, allowing them to heal and be able to share their stories of hope with others.

I have had the distinct honor of being the Executive Producer on this amazing and fulfilling project. Directed and produced by Susan Strowhorn, and with Christopher Nolen’s intimate and engaging interview style, the Heartbroken Rainbow depicts each of the women as they are seen truly opening their hearts up and sharing their experiences. Watch and be completely mesmerized, as each of the women will be sharing deep feelings with the intention of helping other women on similar difficult journeys. Failed marriages and failed relationships historically leave many women feeling lost and alone, with shaken faith. Learn how these amazing eight women have reshaped their own destinies, effectively rewriting their own futures, and finding healing and triumph in the end.

As Chris thoughtfully and provocatively chats with each of the women, you will discover how their experiences were affected by their own histories, emotions, talents, and trials. His distinct interview style makes the storytelling easy and accessible for every woman or man who has even been in a relationship. Each woman shares her own testimony with us in an indie documentary style that is real and exploding with emotion. You will find yourself entertained as Trudie, Pam, Nikki, Linda, Ebony, Norma, LaShawn and Susan each embrace you and encompass you with the tales of their journeys through their own failed marriages and relationships, only to emerge on the other side as empowered and unstoppable.

This magnificent documentary adventure is sure to touch the hearts and lives of other women traveling along the same paths, or those who may have already experienced the same glorious healing through God the Rainbow, and will be ready to cheer on these women with newly strengthened faith and hope. “Through our darkest storms…believe in the peace of rainbows!”

The Heartbroken Rainbow is set to premiere on September 29, 2013, in Chicago, Illinois. Tickets for this Red Carpet event are available now for the amazingly low price of $15. The proceeds will go towards supporting independent film makers. Visit www.mciifilmfestival.com to BUY PASSES. Click the dropdown and select BLOCK D. Don’t miss this captivating film adventure that will move you and touch you in unexpected and powerful ways. Hope to see you there!!

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