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Gmail Making it Tough for Internet Marketers

internet marketing

Seems like every week Gmail rolls out something new to their users. Most of the time their new and improved features are making things easier than ever for users to get the information they need, sort it, store it, review it, whatever. There are quite a few geniuses working for Google. However, during the past couple of weeks, Gmail has rolled out some new changes to their inbox that could seriously change the way that internet marketers are doing business, particularly through email marketing campaigns.

If you are a Gmail user and have not yet had the experience of the new switch, read on for more details. Gmail has decided to help users sort through their mail even easier than before. Previous updates have increased the spam catch, prioritized the email coming from frequent contacts, allowed for labeling and archiving with one click, provided new and simpler ways to compose emails and reply, and probably countless other little tricks.

New Categories to Help Users Stay Organized

Now Gmail is actually going to sort your messages into three categories: Primary, Social and Promotion. Each category will be represented by a tab across the top of the inbox, and you can simply click on each tab and see the list of emails that have been sorted into that category. Now, of course, Gmail realizes that they are merely guessing (though Google has some pretty magical guessing abilities) where to place each email, and you do have the option of adding or moving various contacts so that you can receive their messages into your primary inbox for easier access and review (and so that nothing important gets overlooked).

Internet marketers can potentially run into problems if their email gets directed to the “Promotions” category, which is probably the most likely scenario. Unfortunately for those marketers, these will most likely become the emails that are attended to last, after the “Primary” and “Social” emails are taken care of. But, there is a solution to every problem! The solution to this particular dilemma is to encourage your email recipients to add your email to the “Primary” category, which can be easily done by opening the “Promotions” folder and dragging an email from the desired contact into the “Primary” tab. BAM! All set once you do that.

You definitely want to encourage your recipients to take care of this little issue, since, after all, you are taking the time to create valuable content and you want to make sure that everyone on your list gets to see it and respond to it.

Although many users are going to find this latest Gmail twist a great way to stay organized, you—the internet marketer—need to make sure that your messages are getting to the right place. Oh, and with that said, please make sure that you take care of this task to get MY emails sent right to your “Primary” list, so that you never miss a thing!

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