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Get More Conversions from Your Internet Marketing Site

internet marketing

When you become involved with internet marketing, one of the main missions is to make money. This happens through the process of conversions, meaning when a visitor becomes a lead or a customer. Visitors alone do not necessarily make you money, except when you are involved in affiliate advertising (which is something you should do, and we will discuss in another post). But, when you can get a visitor interested enough in your goods and services to take advantage of the special offers, deals and promotions that they find when they arrive at your site, then you know you have definitely done something very right.

In order to improve your conversions, you have to be working on your search engine optimization plan on an ongoing basis. This means that you must be closely following the analytics and making adjustments to the plan as needed. Remember, changes that you make to your SEO do take some time to take effect, so don’t go changing things too drastically too often, or you will never be able to figure out what is working well and what needs attention.

dean cantaveGet the Social Vote

To increase conversions more quickly, you need to establish your company or yourself as a trusted entity, one that people are going to feel very comfortable doing business with. One way to do this is to become very active on the social networks. Of course, there is definitely a balance required here. Flooding the news feeds is not the best way to get the right kind of attention. But, regularly posting on the social networks, and using these platforms to connect with potential customers will help you become more recognized, and ultimately this leads to better trust—and quicker conversions when visitors do check out your site. Social media is a wonderful “glue” that internet marketers can use to “stick to their customers” without over-selling everything all the time. Additionally, when you use the social networks and connect with your leads and customers, they will then endorse you to others and refer their own contacts to you—this is truly free advertising and extremely valuable to any entrepreneur.

internet marketingBe a Great Blogger

Regularly updating your blog, whether daily, several times per week or weekly (don’t go any longer than this between posts!) will help get your site not only recognized by the search engines, but also by your visitors. When people arrive at your site, it will appear well maintained and well attended, making your company appear more professional and more credible—two things most people are searching for when they are looking for someone to do business with. A sloppy site or one that has not been updated in a long time will not be very appealing for someone who has some money burning a hole in their pocket. Interesting, relevant and informative blog posts should be something that you focus plenty of attention on if you want to see your conversion rate rise. Pay attention to the blog posts that get the most traffic from visitors, write more like these. And, you can also repost pieces that were especially popular, to get a temporary traffic boost that may help, too.

There are certainly many different strategies that can be used to increase conversions, and these are just a few ways that you can begin to point your company in the right direction. What other strategies have you found to be helpful for increasing conversions? Please share!

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