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Have you focused very deeply on your vision lately?

Having vision when it comes to your dreams is not an option, it’s a requirement. ‪#‎CantaveTalk‬

I am currently reading, among the tons of other books that are in my queue for my Doctoral studies, Jack Canfield’s national bestseller “The Success Principles, How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be”. The book is a collection of success principles and interviews of well over 100 successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders. He conducted these interviews and distilled down the most important principles for helping you attain and achieve success in your personal life. If you are not familiar with Jack Canfield, he is also the co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul with Janet Switzer. He has sold over 60 best-selling books with over 80 million copies in print circulation, so I would surmise that he knows what he’s talking about! However, it’s an AMAZING book and I’ve read four chapters so far. I purchased the book because I registered for a Mastermind for Success class being taught at a local church here in Chicago, of which the book is a required text. I love it.

In the last chapter that I just completed on “Deciding What you Want”, Jack goes in depth about visioning in ways that most people don’t consider. He has an exercise at the end which really forces you to push the bar in your mind as to what you really want in life. He urges you to sit quietly in an undisturbed space at your home, turn on some relaxing music, and ask your sub-conscience mind to give you pictures and images of what your ideal life would look like. Have you ever tried this before? I mean, seriously sat and attempted to envision your ideal life? It forces you to ask and answer questions about yourself that you may have been avoiding out of fear.

This is challenging for most because of course we could simply say, “I want $1 million, a house, a boat, and a car!”, but I think there is so much more we desire in life than material things. Think about attributes such as power, love, respect, and admiration. I personally would add these to the top of my list of items in my vision. Your ability to sit and focus very deeply on your vision has very real consequences, but because we are so inundated with the routine of life we very seldom, if ever, take time to sit, and think about what our ideal life looks like. The picture that we would create in our minds if we could have anything we desired in life.

How powerful is that to you? To think that with our minds we can create whatever vision for our lives we want, just by picturing it.

The late Johnnie Coleman who was pastor and founder of the Johnnie Coleman Institute at Christ Universal Temple in Chicago, Illinois was a teacher of New Thought and metaphysical principles. New Thought is a spiritual movement that says that our thoughts create our lives and make us one with God. She is quoted as saying, “You can think what you want but it is your thinking that creates what you have in your life.” So if you are envisioning lack, heartache, and defeat it is a fair assumption to say that your life is going to reflect exactly that. However, if you envision your life as being successful, and healthy, and happy, it’s also fair to assume that this is exactly what you are going to produce. A very challenging concept to for most to wrap their minds around, but it is very possible.

Take time to sit in silence on a daily basis and truly ask yourself what you want. Ask yourself what is truly possible and only envision that which touches your soul beyond anything you can think of.

Stay in Love, and Peace.

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