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Facebook: The Whats, Whys and Hows


You may have heard by now that as a business, you should be using Facebook as a marketing tool.  Many people, however, are unsure as to what exactly Facebook is, how it works and why they should use it so I’ve broken it down a bit.  Read on to learn about one of the most important and vitalizing social media platforms that doubles as a unique tool to grow your brand!


Facebook is a social networking service that lets you connect with friends, co-workers and others who share similar interests and/or have common backgrounds.  It is the leading social networking platform  based on monthly unique visitors.   As time passed, Facebook became a leader in not just connecting people to other people but connecting brands to consumers.


Facebook is actually fairly basic once you understand how it works.  Besides individual profiles, Facebook now has an application called the “fan page”.  A fan page is most typically used for businesses but can also be used for causes or high profile public figures.  A fan page is created by listing your business name, uploading a profile photo and a banner photo and includes such vital information such as your address, website, phone number and business hours.  Once created, you can (and should) invite your friends and co-workers to “like” your page.  After clicking the “Like” button on your fan page, these people will start receiving status updates, photos, and anything else you post in their news feed.


It may seem that Facebook is for fun and keeping in touch with family and friends but with the invention of the fan page, Facebook has become so much more.  Facebook is now a leader in marketing and branding and an incredible way to stay on top of your business’s game!

Using your Facebook fan page will open your company up to an entire new audience because the reach of Facebook is worldwide.  You can use your fan page to target a certain audience (down to countries, sex and ages).  Your fan page also enables you to stay in touch with your audience on a daily or weekly basis by posting interesting business related articles, facts about your company and by thought provoking questions that enable you to really hear and understand what your fans want.

There are, of course, other social platforms out there and you should utilize some of them as well but for now Facebook is one of the leaders.  We’ll take a look at the other tops platforms and break down how to use them as well in the upcoming weeks so be sure to check back here and often!

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