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DT/TAIG Google Hangout Copy


Tonight @9pm EST, we will be hosting an Epic Google Hangout for the Team…and this is your chance to leverage this Hangout to generate both leads and sales for your business.

Below are the instructions for promoting this great event, so let’s get started!


#1: The Link for the Hangout

The Hangout will take place live on this website: www.hangoutwiththemasters.com/?id=cantave

Make sure that you put your Empower Network Username at the end, to ensure that you get credit if someone decides to join the business after attending the hangout.  Promoting the link is simple:



#2: Promoting The Hangout / Swipe Copy

We have put swipe copy together for you to use, so please take the copy below and send out to your list, share via facebook events, and promote via your blog.

*** Please be sure to add your username at the end of the link ***


===== Beginning of Swipe ========

SUBJECT: Live Tonight @9pm EST: Powerhouse Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets Of Striking It Rich Online

Here’s your chance to get a front row seat with a panel of Entrepreneurs, who have tapped into the Emerging Trend of Internet Marketing, Built a Phenomenal Brand, Established Massive Credibility in the Marketplace, while becoming Self Made Millionaires…..

This Thursday Night, August 15th, @ 9pm EST / 6pm CST……

You will have the chance to be on the front row of one of the most powerful, awe-inspiring online events, where you can discover how this panel of Female Entrepreneurs have been able to go from Hardship and Heartaches to Becoming some of the most powerful and influential leaders online.

===>> Reserve Your Seat Here Now <<===

These self-made millionaires have discovered the secrets to success, wealth building and creating influence in a way where their stories are being sought after for Television.

From high school dropouts to Masters Degree Candidates… you’ll see how the one common denominator of “internet Marketing” has allowed these ladies to set themselves apart from the masses… while giving you the Formula and a simple system, showing you how you can follow in their footsteps to do the exact same thing!

By attending this Live Event, You’ll Discover The Following:

  • The Secret To Manifesting Your Dreams & Creating Wealth
  • How To Live Your Dream Life, Without Following “What Everyone Else Is Doing”
  • How To Establish Credibility & Become Influential Fast
  • How To Leverage The Internet To Triple Your Income
  • The Power of Creating Passive & Residual Income
  • The Fastest Way To Building Wealth
  • The Secret To Becoming Apart Of The 1% Of The Wealthy, Without Climbing The Corporate Ladder Or Going To School For More Degrees
  • How To Create Your Own Story Of Success Fast, Leveraging The Stories Of These Powerful Entrepreneurs
  • How To Get Started Today, Creating Your Success
  • The 6 & 7 Figure Blueprint
  • & So Much More

This is a once in a lifetime event, where you can gather so much Power, Influence and Success in one place….FOR FREE….

===>> Reserve Your Seat Here Now <<===

So You Can Get On The Inside, Of This Amazing Event, & See Your Life Shift From Ordinary To Extraordinary Fast, By Being Apart of It!

Register Now, Seats Are Limited:

================End of Swipe =================

** 15 Minute Reminder Message To Send @ 8:45 EST **

(send 15 minutes before start of hangout)

====== Beginning of Swipe======

Subject: We’re getting started, are you in here yet?


Hi there!

Just wanted to let you know we’ll be starting
our live hangout in about 15 minutes.


Just click that link now and we’ll be getting
started in a bit. You DO NOT want to miss this!

See you inside,


============= End of Swipe ================


Subject: FYI: you’re missing it! Click in now…



The Hangout is going on live right now and I’m Just keeping you in the loop to make sure you don’t miss out!

If you’re not on.. hop on here ASAP…


This is one of the most Epic Hangouts I’ve ever experienced, and it’s a No Fluff.. No Frills, give it to you straight… Here’s how you really make the money, kind of Mastermind going on, so Hope on now here ASAP…


See you inside,


============== End of Swipe ====================

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 10.56.33 AM

#3: Images to Use to Promote the Event

You can use the following images, and switch out the domain name to promote the event.

I use it to promote on Facebook, Instagram, to my list and anywhere else I can think of..

Here’s the Instructions:

  1. Download the PPT slide
  2. Switch out the Domain Names with your own
  3. Promote
  4. Download Image Files Here (P.S. They’re in a .ppt or Power Point Format, so you’ll need Power Point to get them to work)

#4: Promotional Ideas For The Event

  • Begin sharing the event by posting an event on Facebook
  • Sharing the Image file above on Instagram  and your Facebook Accounts
  • Emailing your list
  • Posting the Message on Facebook
  • Promoting it via Twitter
  • Post Blog Post About it
  • Shoot a Video and post it on YouTube Adding the Link to the Hangout in the Description

The goal is to get as many people as possible on this hangout so you can get massive exposure for your business….

Whatever you can do.. Do It and see you on tonight’s Webinar!!

See You Tonight..


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