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Do You Know How Much Content You Need?

There is no simple “formula” that can tell you exactly how much content that you need for your internet marketing site, but there are several guidelines that you can follow that will help you find the balance that your visitors are looking for. The purpose of most of your content should be to provide information, not necessarily to sell products and services. Keep this in mind as you develop your content. Too much “sales pitch” will send your visitors packing.

Here are some important tips to think about when building your internet marketing site and developing the content that you need:

content generationStart With a Strong FAQ Page

Keep track of the questions that you get from your visitors and customers, or those people who might be interested in joining your network marketing company. If one person has a question, chances are there will be many others who have the same questions. When you develop a quick FAQ section, this will not only provide some of the immediate answers that people need, but it can also guide you to posts and articles that are going to prove to be very informative to your audience. In theory, you will need to answer all of the questions that your visitors could possibly have before you even begin to run out of great content generation ideas. In fact, as you begin to answer questions, you are going to come up with more, or more ideas about how to expand the information, allowing you to build up a large volume of content for your site, content that is informative and interesting.

internet marketingUnderstand the Buying Stage of Your Visitors

Each visitor could possibly be at a different point in the buying stage. There are several stages to think about, including awareness, consideration, interest, nurturing, comparing and sales. Depending on where in the process your visitors might be, they are going to be looking for different information. Having that content on your site, easy to find, will help you build up the relationship with the potential customer, the one that will ultimately lead through the sales funnel to conversion. Let’s consider these 6 stages for the purposes of this exercise.

network marketingKnow Who Your Buyers Are

Understanding the basic “buyer personas” that you are dealing with can help you to develop content that will help to answer their questions. You probably have a target audience that is comprised of several different groups. Consider the questions of each of those groups as you try to develop your content. Most internet marketing and network marketing specialists will have somewhere around 5 different buyer types or personas that they are targeting or dealing with. This is a good number to start with as you develop your questions.

Develop the Questions Appropriately

In the beginning stages of the buying process, questions are going to be more general. However, as a visitor or prospect progresses through the buying stages, their need for information will change and they will have different questions. Most experts would suggest that a customer will have about three questions per stage of the buying cycle, and this is a good rule of thumb.

Is There a Formula?

With all of that information to digest, it would seem that you could come up with a basic formula that will help you to know just how much content you are going to need for your site. Let’s say, for example, that you have five different buyer types, at six different stages of the buying cycle, with three questions each per stage. If you multiply that out, 5 x 6 x 3, you will get 90 questions that will help you to develop the posts and content that you need. That’s a great start!

Don’t get too hung up on the numbers, this is only an exercise to illustrate the vast amount of informative content that you can develop, simply by considering your customer needs! The true amount of content that you need will vary, and may be more or less than this formula states, but use these guidelines to get started!

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