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Develop Content that Can Be Re-Used and Recycled!

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By now, you are realizing the immense task that it can be to create constant content for your internet marketing website. For some internet marketers, it is not difficult; however, for those who are not used to prolific writing, there has to be some shortcuts. Generating the kind of content that can be built upon and even re-used and recycled can help to diminish some of the workload. You don’t have to actually directly re-use content, but to create content that can be used in parts elsewhere is going to help.

For example, developing a post containing several helpful tips can help you to generate a series of emails for your email marketing campaign. You can take each tip and flesh it out in more detail, giving your recipients some very valuable information. You can add a step-by-step description for a process, or explain the idea behind it.

Another great idea is to take an idea that might be very complex and break it down into a series of blog posts or articles. This is especially effective when you are trying to generate repeat visitors, because when a visitor arrives at your site, they will find a useful article or post—and then be left with the teaser that there is more to come! This will bring them back again, not only boosting your traffic but also the development of your leads and your email list.

Use your blog posts and broadcast them on your social media networks. This is a great way to repurpose your own content, because you will be able to get maximum exposure. If the post is interesting, then your contacts on the social media networks will also be sharing it, meaning that a large number of people who may have never even heard of your internet marketing business or visited your website will now be introduced to you.

If you have developed (or purchased) e-books, take that information and break it down into smaller articles and posts. You can take a large piece and make it into many different articles, perhaps by chapter or sub-topic. This helps to stretch your content efforts significantly.

Finally, a great idea is to take blog posts and articles and develop videos that discuss them or provide more detail. When you can present the same idea a number of different ways, including text, video, infographic, etc., you will be able to get the attention of many different types of people. People learn in different ways, some preferring articles, others videos, others flowcharts, etc. When you can reach out and touch each group of people with the same content, then you are going to get a big bang for your buck, so to speak, when it comes to content development—without having to actually come up with dozens of new ideas each week. Take the best ideas that you can and generate tons of content surrounding these ideas. Chances are, if you think it is interesting and informative, then your audience is going to be thinking along the same lines!

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