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Category Archives: Relationships

The True Meaning behind Valentines Day

    HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! First off, let me wish you a passionate and love filled day on today as you express and share in the bonds that you share with your special person. It truly is a beautiful thing when you are in a strong relationship, or marriage, that brings out the best in […]

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Why Men should be Intentional When it Comes to Relationships

http://stapletonfoundation.com/hilltop-lending-corporation More often than not, on a daily basis, I always see the sexes (men and women) attacking each other when it comes to dating and relationships. Most don’t seem to understand how visible their insecurities and fears can be when it comes to social media. It seems that people take the negative experiences surrounding […]

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The Heartbroken Rainbow Set to Premiere Next Sunday!

The Heartbroken Rainbow is a feature length documentary film that will explore the interesting journeys of eight different women and explore the range of emotions they have experienced through heartbreak and growth. You will learn about their personal strategies that helped each of them with finding the rainbow that would carry them through the darkest […]

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