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What is “CantaveTalk”?


At the time of this blog post it is now late January. If we are keeping tabs on the sprint that most of us have been talking about since the New Year, I am far behind. I haven’t done anything productive, to date, in 2015. I’ve failed. Or have I?

To be honest, life got in the way. Now, whether I allowed life to get in the way, or it just flat out got in the way is up for the debate. But at the end of the day, life got in the way and it was life circumstances that have created a situation where for the first few weeks of 2015 I haven’t been able to move towards my goals at all.

So why do I say this? Well, CantaveTalk is something I started as a series of Facebook posts that focuses on life! CantaveTalk is life as seen through my lens. It is my own beliefs and perceptions about life, what people should be doing, how people should think, and how they should view the world, themselves, and their place in the world. It is my opinion, and at the end of the day we all have choices that we have to make. My hope is that what I have to say here helps empower your ability to choose.

Everything I have to say is based in spiritual, or New Thought principles, and it is also based in my belief in God. Now of course, I understand that not everyone believes in God. Some people are atheists, some are Muslim, and some people worship animals. At last count there are over 220 religious sects in the world, most of them in countries like India. Religious organizations that the average person has never heard of, but here is the sticking point… We all want to be happy, we all want to be healthy, we all want to be purposeful, and we all desire love for ourselves, our families, and our friends. There is nothing that we can find in any specific religious organization that separates us so deeply that we are incapable of finding happiness, health, purpose, and love as common themes of our existence.

For these reasons I started CantaveTalk as a series of weekly posts on Facebook that over time, grew in popularity.


Because I’ve had so many disappointments during my time on earth that I was convinced that everything we were taught, everything we believed, and everything we are doing at this present moment was working against our own happiness and self-fulfillment. We were conditioned to win in this world. We were conditioned to be controlled, which in turn is the cause for our inability to reach out full God-given potential.

So when you read what I have to say, just know that my thoughts are based in those disappointments, those losses, all of the challenges that I’ve faced throughout the years, my thoughts are also based in a strong desire to win and overcome, and my thoughts are based in the idea that I can inspire someone to be consciously aware of the fact that they should be living a much better life than the one they are living now! Playing a lot bigger than they are playing right now.

Sometime we just need someone to tell us what we’re doing wrong, we need someone to hold us accountable, we need someone to stay in our ear, everyday, and coax us in the direction we ought to be going. Just like a parent would. It’s called love whether you believe that or not. Hmmmmm… I guess CantaveTalk is about ME, loving you.

That’s my story.

And, I’m sticking to it.

This has been a long time coming. In fact, this morning I could not log onto my blog for 3 hours so that I could draft this post. It is now 11am and I am just now getting around to it. This just highlights some of the challenges I’ve face over the past 2 years in getting this “blogging” thing together, and I’m not done yet. In fact, this blog is coming down in 2 months and I will be re-launching deancantave.com on a new hosting platform. The website will also go through a complete re-design as well.

Stay in love, and peace.

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