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The Challenges of Navigating Career Success for Black Women

54% percent of Black women report being the only Black individual in the room at work. Likewise, they are the sole individuals who feel excluded, closely watched, and under pressure to perform. Most notably, many of these women feel like their performance reflects on the entire population of Black women. These barriers, among hundreds of others, […]

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Why Did Noam Bardin Leave Google?

Whenever you hear people talk about using their smartphone GPS applications, you can expect to hear people talk about Google Maps and Apple Maps. But strangely enough, you’ll also hear people talk about Waze. Most people who use Waze absolutely swear by it. With over fifty million users, Waze isn’t like other GPS applications on the market. Waze relies […]

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How Rosalind Brewer Rose to Be the Only Black Female CEO of a Fortune 500 Company

There is no better way to celebrate Black History Month than to recognize a successful Black woman. One such woman is Rosalind Brewer.  Just a couple of weeks ago, Walgreens Boots Alliance announced that Brewer will be their next CEO. She is currently the only Black woman to be leading a Fortune 500 company.  Brewer’s humble roots […]

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Tips and Suggestions from Information Technology Hiring Managers to Help Pass Interviews

Are you planning to pursue a career in Information Technology? The only constant thing in the world is change, and it couldn’t be more accurate in the IT landscape. There’s always something new and innovative about technology. That’s what makes IT such a lucrative industry. Businesses have learned to thrive in the pandemic because of technology. IT is […]

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