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Being The “Man” Isn’t Always Necessary

You Don’t Always Have To Be “The Man” in Every Setting and Here’s Why


You don’t hear a lot of messages in the media promoting and celebrating the essence of men. Because of that I decided earlier this year that I would intentionally become more of what God created me to be, and that I would share this empowering message with other men via my blog.

The one thing I love about being me is the fact that I understand God’s endowment on my life as a man. I understand that he blessed me with a certain physical structure, a very specific and logical way of thinking, and a calling as a head and a leader that differs completely from my counterpart. I understand that he created a woman as a compliment for me and that he knew what I needed before he created me. I absolutely agree with his decision even if I had never read the bible, as a man I understand this.

My essence and being revolves around a woman. She is everything to me. She is the reason why I exist and she is the source for continuing my legacy. I have a son that I love dearly more than anything in the world, why? Because a woman decided that she would honor our intimate relationship and conceive a child bearing my name. Not something to take lightly and I’m grateful for her and her decision to this day.

By the way, he looks just like me and in fact–he’s my twin! Dean Cantave Jr.

So moving on, I also understand that a woman is my source of motivation for continuing on my King honored path!

Given all of this it’s easy to see the competitive nature of men. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… Men are primarily motivated by two things: Sex and Money.

This is no secret, or some new discovery. Men are conquerors by nature and always want to win at everything they do so it makes complete sense.

When I say that being the “man” isn’t always a necessary thing, what I am saying is that there is a way for you to be a “man” without all of the over the top fanfare or beating on your chest so-to-speak.

As a man you don’t always have to feel like you need to compete with other men.

As a man you don’t always have to feel like you need to be out front, or the most outspoken.

And as a man, you don’t always have to feel like someone is threatening your manhood.

This all goes to your level of confidence and your self-esteem. When I think about myself, I never, ever, feel the need to compete with other men. I always feel as if I am in a league of my own. I love people but I think highly of myself and I believe in me first. It doesn’t matter to me what the next person is doing because I’m confident in my own abilities.

The exercise of developing self-confidence and a high self-esteem is one of continuous practice. It also requires a man to truly know who he is and why he is here.

Most men are always trying to prove a point to others in flexing their manhood and bravado. It’s an ego thing and I get it. However, you can still be the “man” without all of the extra dramatics. A man that walks in faith and confidence in self is the man that win’s the biggest! You are the catalyst to what is created in your life and no one can change or preceded that.

Sometimes standing next to the “man” that’s actually the “man” is not a bad thing and it shows and builds humility!

For instance, I attended The Israel Conference in Los Angeles this past week which is a technology and venture capital conference for start-ups, and I was surrounded in the room by men that dwarfed me in net worth, social status, and influence. I actually like being in rooms like this because the association is what helps me grow as a man. One of the tenets of my belief is that mentors are necessary to help you grow. It’s critical that you find people who are doing what you want to do, or have already done what you are trying to do and have become successful. To do this, you have to put your ego aside. I wholeheartedly embrace opportunities to be in the presence of men that are a lot more successful than I am. I also believe no matter how successful I become I will always be humble enough to seek out men that can continue to help me grow and be better.

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