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Barbara Corcoran Talks Achievers Versus Non-Achievers


“Insecurity is a wonderful motivator.” – Barbara Corcoran

Barbara Corcoran is best known as one of the “Sharks” on the wildly successful ABC reality show, “The Shark Tank.” The reality show first debut in 2009, produced by famed television producer Mark Burnett. Mark is also responsible for producing “The Apprentice” which is another reality show centered around Donald Trumps effort to get businessman and women to compete in an elimination competition of business sorts for an end reward of a high cash value. Barbara’s start began in the early 70’s when she co-founded a real estate company with her then boyfriend for $1,000. She later went on to sale that company for $66 million. She speaks passionately about “insecurity” as a primary driver of people’s success. To me, it’s almost always about the ego in some instances which can be a good thing applied in the right situations. She goes on to say that if someone has something to prove, they are probably the one that will most likely succeed the biggest.

Henry Blodget, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Business Insider asks her some very poignant questions in this interview that differentiates the high achievers from the not so high achievers, and she answers in a very straight forward manner.

Where does your motivation come from? Are you taking control of your future? Or are you letting circumstances control you?


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