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9 Traits that Define Real Men

Today, society is very reluctant to embrace images of strong and confident men as was the case during World War II. If you recall during the breakout era of the 1940’s men were called to arms from every corner of American society in support of the war. This call defined men as strong, confident soldiers and leaders. Family men that were the epitome of what men should be and what they represent to society.

Men of color, specifically, in most cases were called to participate in a war that initially excluded them from even participating in elections and having a fair right to vote. So while men were being emasculated on one end of the spectrum they were also being heralded as the cornerstone of American society.

Despite the challenges we knew what a man was. If we fast forward to today, we now have the right to vote but we are now faced with other challenges that diminish the importance of manhood in a society plagued by blurred gender lines and a dominating feminist culture.

For example, in America the image of the traditional nuclear family is being diminished as new age thoughts and the acceptance of the LGBT community allow for a more open and acceptable family structure. It brings pause to any man that has to raise male sons in the kind of society where he will have to understand how he is accepted a decade from now.

No matter the changing landscape of masculinity in today’s world true hallmarks of manhood remain.

Andrew-Carnegie-Stong Men

  1. A Real Man has a Relationship with The Creator – In the book of Genesis in the Bible we are told that “God made man in his own image”–powerful indeed. If my purpose is to lead myself and my family that direction must come from the man above. The creator, or whoever you deem your God. This is important because if a man is to be purposed to lead, build legacy, and become dominant over his life and all that he creates his understanding and relationship with the creator will serve as a baseline for how he operates in the world–a standard if you will.

  2. A Real Man has a Vision – In a society where true leadership and vision is lacking a real man has an ideal picture of what his life looks like. He knows where he wants to go, what he wants to create, and who he want’s to take with him. He is clear as to who he is. His vision and goals are definite and he has a plan for getting there and he is committed to the cause. Without vision you parish because you leave your life and the lives of your loved ones to chance. It is with clear and concise focus that a man see’s his chief aim.

  3. A Real Man takes care of his Appearance – In today’s society of the “metrosexual male” a man’s appearance is everything. From how you are addressed in public when you’re at a restaurant to how women relate to you in conversation at a bar or event. Your appearance sets the standard by which people judge and operate with you.

  4. A Real Man invests in his Career – It remains and will always remain a fact that a man will be judged by how he provides. This is very challenging in today’s landscape where there are more women claiming the breadwinner title than ever before but there is room for men to succeed financially.

  5. A Real Man Prides himself in being a Cornerstone of Society – A man by virtue of his design is made to dominate and conquer everything he touches. He is a KING in every sense of the word so therefore he understands what it means to set an example. He understands what it means to be the consummate model that other men should follow because it is his standard that sets the tone for how things are done.

  6. A Real Man keep his Word – In a society today were moral compasses are more aloof than ever before a man must keep his word because he understands the value in his relationships with others. While not perfect, he prides himself on the respect that he garners from others when he gives respect.

  7. A Real Man expects Excellence – In his appearance, his accomplishments, his work, his family, his children, his appearance, and even his friends he expects the best. He sets the standard for living the best life and ensures those around him know it.

  8. A Real Man takes care of his Health – Men in today’s age are plagued by prostate issues, kidney failure, and high blood pressure to name some of the most popular health ailments. Your health is your wealth and it’s upkeep is necessary in order for you to maintain your competitive edge in every aspect of life.

  9. A Real Man understands the Art of Communication – A Man is called to lead and in leading he needs to understand how to communicate to get results. He communicates what he want’s, his beliefs, his intentions, and he instructs and inspires others to be there best including his family and friends. He uses his position as a man to uplift and lead others and he understands how to articulate this in the presence of others.

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