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21 Black-Owned Businesses To Follow In 2021

Every year as Black History Month rolls around, we stop and acknowledge the countless Black men and women who have embraced entrepreneurialism and created valuable and thriving businesses.  But while Black History Month only comes once a year, it’s important to support Black-owned businesses throughout the year.  If you’re looking for Black-owned businesses to start following in 2021, here are some of the best businesses from across the country.

Check Out These Black-Owned Businesses

1.   Kahmune

If you’re trying to buy women’s shoes in a nude color, it can be difficult to find the right pair to match your skin tone.  Luxury footwear company Kahmune offers shoes in a diversity of different shades.  They even name their shades names such as Juba and Douala after the women of the cities and regions whose skin tones inspired them.

2.   Puzzle Huddle

Matthew and Marnel Goins were tired of the lack of representation featured in jigsaw puzzles, so they decided to take action.  They created Puzzle Huddle as a company that would make jigsaw puzzles for kids while featuring diverse characters and themes such as education and culture.

3.   NyRai Interior Designs

If you’re looking to renovate your home office as you transition towards working from home, Nayoka Simone can help.  Her interior design company NyRai Interior Designs offers luxury and home office designs as well as custom signature wall designs.  Her timeless designs can help renovate any home or office and add some love and warmth to your space.

4.   For The Jawns

Anyone who’s from Philly has heard of the term jawn, which is “a beautiful, intelligent, unapologetic boss living in her purpose.”  The Black-owned business For The Jawns celebrates Black excellence by selling unisex apparel such as hoodies, t-shirts, and custom-made options and donating a portion of the proceeds to support at-risk youth in Philadelphia.

5.   The Silverroom

The Silverroom is a Chicago Institution and brand that aims to create a global community through art, community, and culture.  Founded by Eric Williams in 1997, the Silverroom offers a collection of apparel, footwear, and Black-authored books.  In addition to their in-person shop and community center, they also have an online shop where you can order items delivered anywhere in the country.

6.   Adorned Abode

Gift-givers everywhere will rejoice at the treasures to be found in Adorned Adobe.  This Black-owned business sells a range of locally made fair trade products such as greeting cards, sticker sets, and accessories.  From their Voluspa scented candles to their plant care accessories, Adorned Adobe has a trove of unique gifts you can buy online.

7.   Crank Granny’s

Grandma’s cooking will always put everyone else’s to shame.  With that in mind, Cranky Granny’s seeks to provide you with the most delectable sweet rolls that will make you feel the love.  From their peach cobbler to their wet walnut sweet rolls, this Black-owned business will ship their delicious treats right to your front door.

8.   Eso Won Books

Eso Won Books is one of the most well-known Black-owned bookstores in all of Los Angeles.  Located in Leimert Park Village, this bookstore provides a diverse selection of books from photography books to cookbooks to books for young adults.  And in addition to their wide reservoir of books, Eso Won has also hosted author events that have featured past guests such as Barack Obama, Maya Angelou, and Spike Lee.

9.   Dime Nails

A trip to the nail salon never felt so luxurious as the Dime experience.  Dime is a luxury nail art studio full of skilled nail artists that serve both men and women in the LA area.  Sit back and enjoy your glass of prosecco while you receive your deluxe manicure.  They even have “We Extra” options such as Nail Art Poppin’ that will floss out your hands or feet and be sure to turn heads.

10.  Vector90

Coworking spaces are starting to become all the rage as remote working becomes more popular and we become less attached to the office.  Vector90 is a Black-owned coworking community, cultural hub, and incubator that was developed by Nipsey Hussle in partnership with the District 8 Los Angeled City Council.

11.  Beauty Bakerie

If you’re looking for cruelty-free, all-inclusive cosmetics, look no further.  Beauty Bakerie was founded in 2011 by Cashmere Nicole, a Black woman whose experience fighting off breast cancer led her to embrace high quality, healthy beauty ingredients.  In addition to providing countless lipsticks, eye makeup, and other beauty products, Beauty Bakerie supports the needs of orphaned children worldwide through its Sugar Homes initiative.

12.  Esusu

The mobile platform Esusu was founded by Black entrepreneur Abbey Wemimo and his business partner Samir Goel to help people from marginalized communities save money, build their credit, and access capital.  Esusu helps renters earn credit from paying their rent, helping both tenants and landlords alike by increasing on-time payments and lowering the number of evictions.

13.  Black Girl Sunscreen

It’s a common myth that Black people don’t need sunscreen, and it’s precisely this myth that Black Girl Sunscreen seeks to dispel.  This Black-owned business creates a sunscreen with natural ingredients that both moisturizes your skin and protects you from melanoma.

14.  Camille Rose

Whether your hair is wavy, curly, coily, kinky, or straight, Camille Rose has a product for that.  Camille Rose was founded by Black entrepreneur Janell Stephens to provide beauty products to women with natural hair.  Since it was first founded in 2011, her products have branched out into retail chains such as Target, Walmart, and Whole Foods.

15.  BLK MKT Vintage

BLK MKT Vintage describes itself as a curated love story whose collection is meant to mirror multifarious Black cultural expression.  Their online shop includes a variety of art pieces from paintings to beaded calabashes to vintage hip-hop magazines.  They even offer personalized interior styling services for homes or apartments as well as prop/artifact rentals for photoshoots and films.

16.  Ocean’s 97

Ocean’s 97 is a Black-owned seafood business that was founded by Jarvis Green in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  They specialize in the delicacy of shrimp paté, with such unique flavors as New Orleans BBQ and creamy lemon.  Their products are sold in retailers such as Stop & Shop and HomeGoods as well as on Amazon.

17.  Urban One Inc

Urban One Inc is a public media firm based out of Silver Spring, Maryland that focuses on telling Black stories.  Their page details the importance of Black representation in media, which is why they seek to inform, entertain, and inspire their audience with culturally relevant content through their radio, television, and digital platforms.

18.  Jungalow

Jungalow is a Black-owned online retailer that sells furniture, art, planters, and other home decór.  They believe in the healing power of plants and the power of color to bring joy, which is why they plant two trees for every purchase made.

19.  Shine

Shine is a mobile self-care app that helps you create your own daily self-care ritual.  This app was created by a Black woman and a half-Japanese woman to add their voices to the mainstream wellness industry.  It features daily meditations, reflections, and the opportunity to connect with a supportive and inclusive community.

20.  African Ancestry

African Ancestry is a Black-owned business that helps people of African descent trace their genetic ancestry.  They believe that knowing where you’re from is integral to knowing who you are.  Their test kits can help you get one step close to finding your roots.

21.  Dollaride

Ride-sharing in NYC is a daily struggle, which is why Dollaride gives you the option to ride a dollar van along any route for only $2.  This Black-owned business brings ride-sharing to underserved communities in NYC, helping both riders and drivers alike. As we leave Black History Month behind, let’s not forget the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses.  Buying Black encourages Black professionals and entrepreneurs and can help pave the way for economic recovery after COVID-19.

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