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Category Archives: CantaveTalk

What about your friends? #CantaveTalk

http://costabaja.com/where-to-get-a-loan-with-no-credit What about your friends? Consider that you have a “crew” of people that you’ve been friends with for a very long time. You are very loyal to your friends and your friendships are extremely important to you. In fact, your friendships often times compete with your other relationships, your marriage if you’re married, or […]

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What is “CantaveTalk”?

At the time of this blog post it is now late January. If we are keeping tabs on the sprint that most of us have been talking about since the New Year, I am far behind. I haven’t done anything productive, to date, in 2015. I’ve failed. Or have I? Loansbyphone To be honest, life […]

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