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Category Archives: CantaveTalk

Why Your Pride and Lack of Transparency is Keeping you in A Box

Pride is Worthless Pride does nothing for you. creditcard You aren’t any happier today than you were yesterday being prideful. I know all too well how pride has damaged relationships in my life and allowed me to miss out on opportunities to be happy. Fear of hurt and pain from people, distrust, being lied to, […]

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What Are You Proclaiming for Yourself Today?

WHAT are you proclaiming over YOUR life? During the times when you were really living in happiness, joy, and accomplishment there was a certain kind of energy that you had in that exact moment. The times when you were truly happy with what you were doing, who you were spending time with, and the activities […]

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Why Men should be Intentional When it Comes to Relationships

http://stapletonfoundation.com/hilltop-lending-corporation More often than not, on a daily basis, I always see the sexes (men and women) attacking each other when it comes to dating and relationships. Most don’t seem to understand how visible their insecurities and fears can be when it comes to social media. It seems that people take the negative experiences surrounding […]

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Why the Idea of Failure is an Illusion that Appears Real

  Failure… Setbacks… Disappointments… How easy is it for us to just stay where we are, nice and comfy, without worry? No concern of growth or progress. Just straddle halfway up the ladder and stay there. Isn’t life so much better when we aren’t progressing and growing? Think about it. If you are reading this, […]

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